People come to therapy for many different reasons. Some come to me in crisis, pain, or discomfort. Others come with curiosity and a desire to grow.

Some are struggling with relationships, life decisions, or questions about the future. Others are concerned with habitual patterns and behaviors, troubling thoughts, worrisome feelings, aloneness, or disconnection. Some feel lost and adrift; they have a sense that something isn’t right but, they don’t know exactly what it is. Others come wanting to know themselves more deeply and wanting more from life. They have a desire for change, to get unstuck or to remove barriers to creativity and possibility.

I practice from an intuitive perspective – one that honors your symptoms as something to be understood and learned from. In this perspective, symptoms are an expression that something needs attention or an indication that things are not quite right. I have found over the years that many challenges are more complex than the symptom itself.

My style is relational and dynamic and aims to bring into the therapy familiar ways of thinking, being, and perceiving. I work from the perspective that our earliest relationships and experiences shape how we see ourselves and understand the world. Our interaction with each other allows us to better understand you and your experiences. Together, we consider your life experiences (past and present), thoughts, feelings, desires and behaviors to discover what is working and not working in a non-judgmental, compassionate way.

Therapy can help clarify what you are wanting more of in your life and identify ways to access what you desire. In this process, you and I together can develop capacities to help you grow beyond patterns that are no longer serving you with the freedom to move forward. This type of work takes time, commitment, and thoughtful attention with the capacity to create deep and lasting change.